In the words of Simon Sinek, ”Start with why”. Easier said than done these days. The values of a business however often motivate us to take action and, hopefully, keep us coming back.

The Great Break recently had the amazing opportunity to work with the Gone Outdoor Supply CO (exclusive stockists of Patagonia in SA) and illustrate their “why”.

Our task was simple but challenging, with the opening of their second store in Joburg, Gone wanted a custom backdrop in-store that communicated their values, LIVE OUTDOORS. SERVE OUR COMMUNITY. PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

We wanted to create a single image that ‘told the story’ all in one. By following the trail the values are communicated in actions and activities from start to finish. For a better look, why not swing by the Gone store at 44 Stanley .

Illustration by The Great Break.

Here at The Great Break we are defining our own values and evolving to best represent them. Just like the above project, what we create should illustrate who we are and what we stand for as a business.

Luke Roberts (Gone store manager) – credit: @lukalacious IG

Written by: Jared Kohn