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Bryan Teare

Coach / Contributor

Bryan Teare is an international coach, speaker, writer and podcaster who helps people reinvent themselves into the kind of person they need to become in order to achieve their impossible goals.


But if there is a conventional way to that calling, he didn’t follow it. “Throughout my life I had always followed the accepted path of what we are taught is the way to success,” he says, explaining how he’d worked really hard at school, got into one of the top universities and then excelled at his engineering studies.


“All along the way I had never really stopped to think for myself,” he says. “I was just doing what we were told is the correct way to do things and, doing well at those things.”


That was until a friend of Bryan’s, who owns a Crossfit Box, invited him to do a free week-long trial. “I’m not a Crossfitter now,” he admits. “I actually had never really done Crossfit, but what that did was open my eyes to the fact that there was this whole new way – in this case getting physically fit – that was completely different to what people had traditionally been taught was the correct way.”


“You know, previously it was: you need to go for an hour-long jog a few times a week, or lift weights for an hour or more in sort of a bodybuilder-style. And here suddenly was a short, high-intensity workout emphasising different things like gymnastics, more body-weight stuff and weight lifting and it just opened my eyes to the fact that there were different ways to do things,” he says.


This expanding world view took him on a journey of not just taking things on face value. “I’d never really read blogs or browsed the Internet much before that, but this research into fitness and nutrition then lead to other things and I then came across a site called: ‘Live your legend’ which documented people doing the things they love and making the world a better place at the same time,” he says.


According to Bryan he had never thought that (doing the things they love and making the world a better place at the same time) was possible, because he didn’t have role models along those lines in his own life.


“I thought work was this thing that you sucked up, got your pay cheque and that was it. And, that the people who did things that made a difference in the world had to sacrifice a salary for that.”


“Suddenly this resource opened my eyes to the fact that you actually can have both and that there are people doing both.” Bryan’s journey made him realise that his then boss – the position he was in – wasn’t where he wanted to be in the future.


“I realised I was waking up every day dreading going to work, looking at my watch every hour…Every. Single. Hour… counting the seconds until I could go home and I realised that I wasn’t doing something that fulfilled me.” Most importantly he realised it was possible to do so.


Bryan went on to quit his corporate engineering job with no plan B, fast forward a few years and he is today one of the most respected in his field.